Robyn Green Goes Deep Space on “Then Came Dark”

Robyn Green is an interesting guy. Originally from Denver Colorado, life and music have brought him all over the world. First he and his band The Lavellas moved from their mile-high home to Chicago. There they carved out their own atmospheric space-rock niche. While in the city, Robyn completed his degree in Music Composition at Columbia College Chicago. In that realm he studied the composition of more traditional orchestral works.

Eventually Robyn continued his Eastern migration and traveled across the Atlantic to Madrid, Spain and ultimately to Geneva, Switzerland. There the composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist has continued his exploration of psychedelic and ambient music. His most recent works combine atmospheric shoegaze and spaced-out soundscapes with Alternative Rock.

“Then Came Dark” is Green’s most recent album as a solo artist, and an excellent representation of his signature sound. The thirteen track album moves through various degrees of his unique hybrid of electronic music and trippy ambient guitar noise. It is a great sound that incorporates influences from New Wave, Goth, Noise Pop and Psychedelia from across the decades.

From the New Order inspired electronic Alt-Pop of “Moon at Dawn” to the closing notes of the dark guitar noise of “Dead Design,” the album moves in waves through layers of robotic and organic sounds. Green weaves electronic drum machines, feedback guitars and retro synths together on tracks like “Comes Right Back Around” and “Your Own Ghost” for a sound reminiscent of 80s greats like Love and Rockets and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Elsewhere on “Then Came Dark,” on songs like “Falling from a Platform in Empty Space” we hear nuanced vibes that suggest the influence of everyone from Radiohead to Cocteau Twins. However, ultimately Robyn’s sound is all his own. Lyrically his songs explore philosophies of mindfulness (“Dance to Your Own to Your Own Song”), social commentary (“The Blind Never See”) and interpersonal relationships. The album is a great listen for any fan of experimental, thought-provoking Alternative Pop and Rock music.

You can hear Robyn Green’s “Dance to Your Own Song” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with the creative and eclectic music maker.





Robyn Green on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Robyn Green
Robyn Green