Ceiti Debuts Her Soulful New Blue Roses

Ceiti is a Scottish Alternative singer and songwriter who possesses an arsenal of artistic styles in her repertoire. She wields her extensive knowledge of musical genres to layer her songs with a rich tapestry of sound. Her melodic Indie-Rock sound includes elements of ambient and dark atmospheric pop and soul. She mixes live organic instrumentation with lush synths and electronic rhythms to create a completely unique vibe.

“Blue Roses” is the singer’s debut single and is a perfect representation of her deeply soulful brand of Alt-Pop/Rock. The song opens with a quiet piano arpeggio and Ceiti’s heartfelt vocals. Deep dark synths expand the mix before a heavy, churning Rock beat kicks in. Live drums and bass drive the rhythm as floating synths and guitars create an ambient atmosphere.

The singer uses visual imagery to paint a picture of her struggles with mental health issues. As the song progresses the arrangement expands to include flashes of guitar shredding and ever expanding vocal harmonies. It has a beautiful and dramatic sound. Even as the instrumentation on “Blue Roses” grows in complexity and intensity, Ceiti’s powerful vocal remains the star of the show. Her voice builds from quiet contemplation to a soaring emotional howl. The soulful piano and vocal break in the bridge is a particularly poignant moment.

You can hear “Blue Roses” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to catch up with Ceiti. Stay connected to this exciting young artist as she launches what is sure to be an exciting musical career.






Ceiti on the Deep Indie Dive playlist