Codiac is Chill in His New Spanish Villa

Codiac is the professional name of Samaad Terrel Thompson, a 25 year-old aspiring Hip-hop artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. The talented artist found an early interest in music as a child, inspired by his hero Usher. In high school he fashioned a low budget recording studio in his home and released his first mixtape.

Over the next couple of years he performed his first live shows. He continued working on his recordings as well and released a number of albums and mixtapes. His early material was released under the name ‘Terrel’ until eventually he changed his moniker to Codiac.

A series of personal challenges followed, including moves to and from Florida and a brief period of homelessness. However, Codiac persevered and the music continued. More albums followed including two released in 2020; the full-length “Now You C Me” and the 7-song “Letter 2 U.” “Villa” is the current single from “Letter 2 U” and is an excellent representation of the artist’s adventurous sound.

“Villa” rides on a mellow exotic beat, built around a nylon-string Spanish guitar sample. On the song, the rapper declares his devotion to his, “spicy mamacita.” Codiac has a chill, laid back melodic rap style. The track has the mellow Mediterranean vibe suggested by it’s title. It’s a great sound.

You can hear “Villa on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with this talented artist.





Codiac on the Deep Indie Beat playlist