Macajey – Walkin Through a Cool Multiverse of Time and Space

Macajey is the professional name of Jeremy Macachor. He is a guitarist, engineer and producer who splits his time between his two homes in Santa Clara, CA and Tartu, Estonia. A citizen of the world, in recent years Macachor has also collaborated with artists in London, Iceland and Scotland. As a solo artist, he creates experimental ambient and downtempo electronic music, mixing organic and electronic elements to create a smooth meditative groove.

“Walkin” is Macajey’s latest single. The track opens with a mellow and bluesy guitar riff. After that brief intro the mix expands into an atmospheric soundscape of airy keys and the low buzz of an analog synth bass. Jeremy floats into the scene with an hypnotic vocal, like a guru directing a session of transcendental meditation. Throughout the mix, his ever-present guitar shifts back and forth between chorus and reverb soaked chill to occasional psychedelic leads.

This is the kind of relaxed summertime vibe you want to get lost in. The groove continues unabated through the track with only a brief freefall of synths and found sounds in the bridge. There is some really tasteful guitar playing throughout the song. Meanwhile, Macachor sings a chill astral mantra about walking, “Through a multiverse of time and space.”

You can hear “Walkin” featured on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And click the links below to connect with Macajey. Follow this nomadic creator on his musical and metaphysical travels through time, space and beyond.





Macajey on the Deep Indie Dive playlist