Jxckson’s Reggaeton Steal Your Man Jam – Mango

Jxckson is back. Regular readers of The Static Dive will likely recognize the name. He is a singer, songwriter and dancer from Austin, Texas with a knack for writing eclectic Pop songs that are both catchy and a lot of fun.

First came the Alt-Pop gem, “Icarus” in November of last year. That was a snarky break-up song in which we laughed along with him as he took his ex down a notch. February brought his follow-up single, the dark and dramatic “Keep Watching.” That track had a sexy premise and a murderous video. Jxckson is an adventurous musician who is not bound by any particular style. However, he says his artistry is fueled by his love for the late ’90s/early 2000 Pop music scene and a 12-year obsession with K-Pop.

“Mango” is Jxckson’s latest single. True to form, the track is funky, sexy and a lot of fun. This time he found inspiration in Jamaican music. Over a hot Dancehall beat and a low, bouncing synth bass line he taunts his future lover’s current partner. Although he treats genre as a moving target, humor is a constant presence in his songs. He’s a funny guy who delivers his best lines with a smirk. For instance, the title of the song is a play on words. Just before each chorus kicks into a bangin’ Reggaeton rhythm, Jxckson drops the line, “I think it’s about time that you let your man go.”

More than a snack, I’m a full course meal.


Check out “Mango” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Jxckson. Keep in the loop on all of this talented Pop artist’s current and future releases.





Jxckson on the Deep Indie Dive playlist