Katrina Kusa & Indian Trap – TA$TE IT

At 16 years-old, Katrina Kusa has a longer resume than most people twice her age. She is an author with an award winning children’s book under her belt, “Kingdom of the Lizards” (2014). The success of her novel led to work in films, television and theater including the Universal Studios production “The Celebrity Experience Awards Live” (2018-2020).

Last year the Boston, Massassachusets native found her way to Los Angeles, California where she had the opportunity to try her hand in the music world. She connected with major songwriters and producers whose credits include work with superstars like Madonna and Katy Perry. Earlier this year, Kusa was discovered by Indian Trap “J2”, (music producer who has worked with Shakira, Beyoncé, PussyCat Dolls, and Cassie). J2 introduced Katrina to his unique “Indian Trap” sound.

The duo’s collaboration led to Katrina’s debut single “TA$TE IT.” The song is a Pop track that mixes Hip-hop, Trap and traditional Indian melodic elements. It is striking a chord with listeners. As of this writing the track has over 180,000 spins on Spotify. It has also become a bit of a phenomenon on TikTok with a trending remix with over 100 dances.

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Katrina Kusa
Katrina Kusa