Calratz Ride a New Ska/Punk Wave on 4×4

Calratz are a brand new self-identified Filipino-American Ska/Punk band from Los Angeles, California. I love Ska. The genre was born in the 1950s in Jamaica with First Wave artists like Desmond Dekker and The Skatalites. The Second Wave came in the 70’s and 80’s with UK bands like The English Beat and The Specials. The Third Wave washed across the US in the 90’s. It was a glorious time when groups like Rancid, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Shu (my band) ruled 1990s college campuses.

We’ve not heard from many new Ska bands in the two years since The Static Dive was launched. None, that I can remember actually. That is, until this month. In the past two weeks we have received music from two different Southern California Ska/Punk bands. We first heard from San Diego’s Latin-American Marujah, and now Calratz. Is there a new Fourth Wave brewing of SoCal-based cross-cultural Ska/Punk bands? Maybe so.

“4×4” is the debut single from Calratz. The tune has everything a great Ska/Punk song requires; power chords in the chorus, backbeat in the verse, an airtight rhythm section playing at a frenetic pace and vocals with plenty of attitude.

Lyrically the track takes on American’s favorite pastime of drinking one’s problems away. It’s not clear if the band is for or against the activity, though it hardly matters. The beauty of Punk is that it mocks everything, especially itself. The beauty of Ska is that it moves. And Calratz are definitely moving on “4×4.” Get out your Doc Martens and prepare for the pit.

You can hear 4×4 on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Calratz and see where this fourth wave takes them.





Calratz on the Deep Indie Dive playlist