Harkaynian’s New Dancehall House Jam – Oochie Laa

Harkaynian is the professional name of David J Foster. He is a Jamaican born, UK artist with a long list of creative talents. They include; musician, singer, songwriter, producer, model and actor. As a musical artist, David has performed gigs around the world throughout the years. Many times he was fortunate to share the stage with some big names. Now in 2020, the prolific producer and composer has been very busy. Just this year he has released over a dozen singles.

“Ooochie Laa” is his latest high energy club banger. The track grooves on a rhythmic mix of a hard pounding House beat, cool retro Dancehall vibes and an underlying psychedelic feel throughout the song. That is thanks to a series wild oscillating synths and Harkaynian’s own melodic and hypnotic autotune rap. The effect gives the song a trippy undertone without sacrificing any of the beat’s energy.

Harkaynian – Oochie Laa

You can hear “Ooochie Laa” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, and on all major streaming services. Click the links below to connect with Harkaynian online. Follow all of his socials and profiles ensure you always stay in the know on this talented artist’s many projects. Be the first to know about his next single.





Harkaynian on the Deep Indie Beat playlist