Indian Trap x Priscilla Gypsxy – Chingona (BAD B$TCH)

Indian Trap is the professional alter-ego of Jay Singh, also known as J2. He first appeared on The Static Dive upon the release of his “Taste It” collaboration with Katrina Kusa. Jay got his big break into the music world when he won the prestigious Ministry of Sound DJ Idol Competition in 2002. From there he went on to work with some of the biggest names in popular music. His list of previous clients and collaborators for whom he has produced and remixed songs includes superstars like; LL Cool J, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, and Madonna.

He also co-wrote and produced Shakira’s worldwide hit record, “Dare La La La.” An alternate version of that track became the official theme song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup titled “La La La” Brazil.” Singh’s work has appeared in over 100 movies, trailers, video games, TV Shows, and advertisements including Shakira’s Activia Commercial, which became the most shared advertisement of 2014. Collectively his songs have garnered more than 250 Million streams across all major platforms.

“CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)” is Indian Trap’s latest single. The track is a collaboration with West Coast rapper and songwriter, Priscilla Gypsxy. The tune is a wildly creative mix of Hip-Hop, Trap, traditional Indian and Bollywood sounds. At the heart of the track is Priscilla’s hard-hitting, empowering Latina rap.

I’m so excited to be releasing this single, I very much wanted to embody and capture that boss B$tch side of myself. Something that could really give other women from around the world the confidence to embrace that fearless boss B$tch side to them and feel good about it. The true power of a woman is mysterious, but we’re gonna crack Pandora’s box and give y’all a lil taste with this one.

Priscilla Gypsxy

You can hear “CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect to Indian Trap. Stay in the loop on all of this prolific producer’s many projects.



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Indian Trap and Priscilla Gypsxy
Priscilla Gypsxy