LAUD’s Island Grooves and Party Mood on the new “Telling”

LAUD is an international Hip-Hop artist , poet and storyteller from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is an eclectic songwriter who moves musical genres around his mixes like they are pieces to a puzzle. With songs ranging from traditional old-school Hip-hop vibes, to slow jam melodic rap and uptempo world beat grooves, he has an addictively cavalier and creative style.

Since 2016, LAUD has released a steady stream of singles and EPs. In that time his sound has connected with fans worldwide. The proof is in the pudding, and his tracks on Spotify count their streaming numbers in the tens of thousands.

“Telling” is the rapper’s latest single, and his first of 2020. From the opening retro-synth keyboard chords to the fun adlib chatter at the end of the tune, it is a party. The uptempo jazzy track mixes electronic and organic instrumentation into an infectious Latin rhythm. A sweet natural bass line jams in lockstep with a funky island beat. Cuban-style horn blasts pepper the sound while cool, backbeat Caribbean percussion moves the beat forward.

It is a fun positive vibe, built for dancing. Meanwhile, the rapper delivers his tale with an upbeat style that is exciting and a lot of fun. He is obviously having a great time and it is infectious.

Check out “Telling” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And, follow the links below to connect with this talented and eclectic artist.





LAUD on the Deep Indie Beat playlist