Monokino Bids a Bittersweet Farewell on the New Single “No Return”

Monokino is the professional name of Dutch pop composer George van Wetering. Though he is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, George’s path to fame is an interesting story that took him far from his Western European home. Before the pandemic, Monokino was once part of the growing roster of foreign acts released by Chinese record company Modern Sky. His career was flourishing in the East. However, COVID-19 paused that trajectory and forced him to return home indefinitely.

“No Return” is Monokino’s first single since quarantine. The track is a love letter of sorts, or maybe a Dear John. However, van Wetering is not singing to a lost lover. He is singing a bittersweet farewell to his adoptive home. That is why, although he did not have distribution in China when he wrote it, the song is sung entirely in Mandarin. The choice, though risky at the time, turned out to be a wise one. George has since secured distribution through JZ Music Shanghai and Zip Records.

The song opens with a dramatic Radiohead-esque vibe of low, minor-key piano chords and a Trip-hop beat. After that brief, dark intro the mix expands into a broad, cinematic soundscape. The sweeping orchestral sound mixes strings, acoustic and electronic percussion, and numerous melodic Asian elements. It is a wildly creative and immersive sound. Through the last verse of the song, the track’s various components all come together for a massive and emotional Chamber-Pop crescendo.

You can hear “No Return” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Monokino. Stay in the loop on everything this multifaceted artist has planned for the future.







Monokino on the Deep Indie Dive playlist