Sweet Hannah’s True Eclectic Aesthetic Cool

Sweet Hannah is a six member Indie-folk Rock band from Utrecht/Culemborg, The Netherlands. They have a wildly creative sound. With eclectic choices in instrumentation and a unique compositional style, the band deals in a rich tapestry of the folky avant garde.

The group has produced a series of singles and EPs over the past few years. Their most recent is the six song collection “Dive.” The record ranges in style from guitar driven Alternative Rock, mandolin Folk Pop and dark, bluesy and rhythmic acoustic music.

“True” is Sweet Hannah’s most recent single from “Dive.” The track alternates between cool spoken word stream-of-consciousness narration and a melodic hook. Through the verse, a low rumbling voice recounts noir scenes over a walking bass line and funky beat.

In the chorus the mix opens up to include rich layers of overlapping guitar parts, horn blasts and esoteric lyrics about, “blue notes and trumpets.” It is a great sound. Imagine Lou Reed fronting a Klezmer band that preferred playing Indie Rock songs. That may hint at the vibe on “True.”

You can hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Sweet Hannah. Stay in the loop on all of this eclectic band’s current and future releases.





Sweet Hannah on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Sweet Hannah
Sweet Hannah