La’Ron and Aisha J Bring the Uplifting Lockdown Vibes

La’Ron is a multi-talented artist, born and raised in Brooklyn. His dual passions for music and dance formed early in life and never abated. As a dancer, he continues to teach, dance, choreograph and perform throughout New York City. As a musician he made his debut in 2019 with the six song EP #AndThenItWasMyTurn. On that record he addressed a myriad of social issues while embracing and celebrating his own blackness and homosexuality.

It’s like a venting session with myself. There’s so many people spreading hate that I feel the need to work overtime to share love. I just wanna be another voice that stands for love is love.


“Lockdown” is La’Ron’s brand new single for 2020. Once again, he is finding joy in a difficult situation. In the early days of the pandemic, New York was hit harder than just about anywhere in the world. Things have gotten better, but it is by no means over. Millions of New Yorkers have been housebound since March. On his new single, La’Ron and guest vocalist Aisha J have a little fun with the lighter side of quarantine.

The song is built on a poly-rhythmic Afrobeat track featuring cool and breezy Caribbean percussion. With the first marimba chords it is clear that this vibe is all about positivity. Aisha J opens with the chorus. Her smooth and soulful vocals immediately pull you into the lockdown chill when she sings, “Been on pause for a longtime. Lockdown changed my whole life. One time for the good vibes. When it’s done. We gon have some fun.”

The simple sentiment of the lyric sheds a clear light on humanity’s universal COVID-19 experience. There is nothing more unifying than shared suffering. And there is no healthier way to deal with it than to find a silver lining. That’s where La’Ron comes in as he takes to the verse with a lighthearted rap about life in lockdown. He rhymes about sexy scenarios involving locked doors, a broken bed and slacking on the job, “Work from home, roll over, clock in, sleep in.” It’s a lot of fun, and each vocalist has exactly the right tone and attitude for the mood.

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La’Ron and Aisha J on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

La'Ron and Aisha J