djmono’s New Melodic Trance Groove – Hold You

djmono is the professional name of Nathan Baigent. Although he is new to the original music scene, the Cornwall UK native has been working in dance music for a long time. After working as a club DJ for over 20 years he recently dove into the world of home recording and began producing his own original EDM compositions. After only three months he has already created a nice catalog of experimental club grooves and electronic explorations. Among his influences as an artist he counts; DJ Tiesto ,Giuseppe Ottaviani , Tony de Vit , Signum and many more.

“Hold You” is djmono’s most recent release. The track slowly builds from a simple Trance groove into a complex arrangement of overlapping melodies and syncopated rhythms. At approximately the song’s 2:00 mark, a really beautiful tapestry of synths weave themselves together into an ethereal sound. All the while, classic drum machine snare, shaker and kick samples drive the beat forward. Ultimately the track fades out on a simple series of synth arpeggios. 

djmono’s tracks are available on SoundCloud, and many are published to all other major streaming services. Check out “Hold You” here or listen on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist and stay in the loop on everything he has planned for the future.




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DJmono on the Deep Indie Beat playlist