Doc Jazz With A Twenty Twenty Groove for 2020

Doc Jazz is the creative name of Dr. Tariq Shadid. He is a talented and multifaceted artist and man. He is of Palestinian heritage, born and raised in the Netherlands and currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. Tariq is a surgeon by day and a musician in his off hours. Musically he is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has released over one hundred songs in a wide variety of musical styles.

Although his music follows traditional Pop songwriting structure, within that framework the creative composer combines elements of Funk, Jazz and Rock. Often combining his political cause with his musical talents by giving expression to the struggle of his people. Although not all deal only with the Palestinian cause. The Doc Jazz catalog includes plenty of songs about other aspects of life as well.

“Twenty Twenty” is his latest single and falls squarely in the latter category. The track is an 80’s-style Funk and R&B jam. At the heart of the recording is a Jazzy bass. It is the musical thread around which other components weave themselves. Throughout the song the supporting cast includes a funky rhythm guitar, retro synth tones, electric piano and a slick saxophone lead. Meanwhile, Shadid sings a soulful tale of seeing clearly through the deceit of someone he once trusted, “My vision’s Twenty Twenty.” 

As with all of Doc Jazz’s 100+ songs, “Twenty Twenty” is freely downloadable from SoundClick.com. Check it out, and follow the links below to connect with this interesting and skilled artist.

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Doc Jazz