Suono che Brucia – Elon Musk (Don’t Wanna Go To Mars)

Suono che Brucia is the professional name of Leonardo Piperno. His band name translates in English to “Sound that Burns.” It is indicative of the artist’s exciting and experimental approach to making music. Piperno is a Florence, Italy based multiinstrumentalist and producer. He has been making his music in its many forms for over twenty years.

He started working professionally as a musician in 1998, playing guitar in a Rock & Roll band. He has explored many different genres and styles in the ensuing years. Now Leonardo creates avant garde electronic music as Suono che Brucia. Many artists have influenced him through his auditory adventures. Lately he has had a penchant for Hip-hop, Reggae, Post-Rock and 80’s synth pop.

“Elon Musk (don’t wanna go to Mars)” is the latest single from Suono che Brucia. Piperno’s interest in 80’s music is immediately apparent upon listening to the song. At the heart of the track is a sweeping analog synth. That sound, combined with the track’s techy piano tones, brings to mind some of the late 70’s and early 80’s work of electronic pioneer, Alan Parsons. Vocal samples, sound effects and myriad synthesizer pads create a beautiful cacophony of robot music. 

Meanwhile Leonardo sings, in both English and Italian, of his distaste for Elon Musk’s plan to populate the Red Planet. If you are a fan of brave electronic musical experimentation (as am I), check out Suono che Brucia. It is a great transformative sound that will transport the listener beyond the stratosphere. However, Mars is not on the flight plan.

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