Aisha J’s Smooth New Slow Jam – Get Close

We first heard from Aisha J last month upon the release of her collaboration with La’Ron, on the fun and sexy single “Lockdown.” Her smooth R&B vocal style was at the top of the excellent song’s long list of strengths. Now she is back and on her own with a sultry new R&B track, “Get Close”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Aisha is a multifaceted artist; singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. She started early, performing in numerous musical theater productions at a young age. Later she took her talents on the road. She began her vocal career singing with Naomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens, touring the U.S. and Europe. She also sang back-up vocals for some big names like Durand Jones and the Indications. While pursuing a solo career as an R&B singer, she also continues her collaborative work as a member of the Inspirational/Gospel Funk band, The Supreme Queens and as a member of the vocal group 79.5.

Aisha J’s debut solo album “Unraveled” will drop on Labor Day, Monday September 7th, 2020. Since last year she has released four singles in advance of the record. Each has opened another window into the soulful and personal world she has created on the new album. Determined to remain true to herself and her own artistic vision, the singer is steadfastly independent in her music and image.

This album is really personal to me. I know that might be a lot for a first album but I’d rather my audience get to know the real me and vibe out rather than an image someone else gives me.

Aisha J

“Get Close” is a classic R&B slow jam. Aisha J delivers a sultry, laid back lead vocal as she beckons her lover to get closer. The tune rides on a chill Hip-hop beat with a rolling groove, accented by subtle backbeat percussion. The backing track is a smooth mix of bass and cool 80’s synth tones. Throughout the song, the singer’s impeccable multi-part harmonies and soulful ancillary background vocals float in the periphery. The entire vibe will make you want to pour a glass of wine, and get closer.

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Aisha J on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Aisha J