Izzy Crazy – Super Wolf Blood Moon

Izzy Crazy is the professional moniker of American record producer, music composer and DJ, Isaiah Campbell. Originally from West Hills in Los Angeles County, as a child he moved with his family from Southern California to Houston. In Texas, he attended high school alongside Hip-hop superstar Travis Scott. Music was an early passion and he started making beats at fifteen. 

By the time he graduated, Isaiah had sadly lost both of his parents. He moved back to LA to follow his creative dreams, attending and ultimately graduating from the prestigious Los Angeles Film School. However, it wasn’t until a fateful trip to Las Vegas that he found his true calling. Working as a stagehand at the Electronic Daisy Carnival in 2015 inspired Campbell to pursue music full time. Izzy Crazy was born.

Now 32 years-old, the beat maker has worked with a long list of artists from Hip-hop to folk, They include; Irregular Mek, The Aspiring Me, Kid LowLieF, Lotus Grace and Frenchy Morgan. Over the past two years, the prolific artist has focused on producing his own original music. In that time he has released two EP’s, a number of singles and now a brand new album.

“Super Wolf Blood Moon” is an eight song collection of mind-blowing electronic music. It is wildly creative, completely insane and a lot of fun. From the introductory opening track “Simulation,” Campbell flexes his Hollywood muscle. The Horror flick-worthy narrator sets the scene when he asks, “How much darkness can you take?”

The entire record plays like the soundtrack to a futuristic, cyberpunk Science Fiction movie. Most of the album is instrumental, though Izzy uses vocal samples creatively throughout. They function as the sole organic element in an otherwise completely electronic world. It is a landscape of industrial noise, classical melodies and mood altering bass. I took notes while listening. They include phrases like; “chaotic insanity,” “to the Nth degree,” and “crazy shit at 2:30.” That’s what kind of album this is.

Campbell moves musical genres around like puzzle pieces. The tracks on “Super Wolf Blood Moon” combine Trap hi-hats with industrial beats (“Riot”) while using EDM transitions to shift in and out of synthwave chord progressions (“Quarantine”). It is a visual and cinematic album. “Ate Hours” sounds like a recording from the engine room of the Starship Enterprise while “Virus” feels like a rave, in Hell. Each song is a different flavor of simultaneous darkness and light, right down to the schizophrenic beauty of the closing track, “Oblivion.”

The production is as creative as the composition. The sound is somehow both crystal clear and darkly gritty. Izzy’s controlled experimental abandon brings to mind some of Trevor Horn’s best work. Imagine Art of Noise for the Hip-hop era. Or better yet, don’t imagine it at all. Just listen. I recommend a great pair of headphones or a massive stack of club speakers. In either case, play it loud.

Izzy Crazy?  Absolutely! And it is awesome. You can hear “Riot” on the Deep Indie Beat, and follow the links below to check out all of the beautiful insanity.





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Izzy Crazy
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