Lovempire – Goodbye Darkness, Hello Light

Lovempire is a new American/Australian Rock & Roll band fronted by the enigmatic and exciting singer, Morgan Phoenix. Hailing from Byron Bay in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales, Phoenix moved to the opposite side of the globe in 2012 and landed in New York City. She found a new home of kindred spirits in the Big Apple. 

It was a welcome escape from the personal and spiritual struggles she experienced in Oz. In New York, the practicing alchemical witch took to the city in her words, “like a fish to water.” She enveloped herself in the creative landscape, as both a musician and actor.

Eventually Morgan’s time on the East Coast had to come to an end. The record label which had signed her folded financially and went out of business. “Broken hearted and cold I moved across the country to the western frontier of sunshine and deserts (Joshua Tree),” she relates.

In the western wilderness she found a new lease on her musical life. Early in 2020, as COVID-19 was shutting the whole world down, she teamed up with her longtime, childhood friend Paolo Noiosi. The two began writing and recording what would eventually become the debut Lovempire EP, “Goodbye Darkness Hello Light.” 

The record is an emotionally and stylistically raw five song collection. The sound harkens back to the classic pre-punk 1970’s, CBGB era New York City sound of bands like The Stooges, The Runaways and early Blondie. It is the sound of rattling guitars, rough pounding rhythms and an earnest, confessional singer. 

The EP’s title is a reference to Phoenix’s own struggles as well as her view of the direction the world is headed. The singer explains that, despite the dark days we find ourselves in, she feels this is a time of transition to better days.

I feel the dark times proceeded these times and now this is the adjustment period to bring in a new era.  We very much needed things to change and for things to change things have to change.

Morgan Phoenix

From the opening grungy riffs of the opening track “Elements” to the subdued and melodic “Little Bird,” Phoenix exorcises demons and finds solace in transition. With a tone and attitude that is one part Lucinda Williams and one part Iggy Pop, she lays a new Rock & Roll landscape. 

“Goodbye Darkness Hello Light” will be available September 26th, 2020. However, you can hear the current single “Absolution State” right now on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Lovempire.





Lovempire on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Morgan Phoenix – Lovempire