Random Choices – Sizzling Slovak Funk

It’s not everyday that I get to hear Funk from Slovakia. As a matter of fact, I can confidently say that today is the first time I have ever heard Funk from Slovakia. Now, thanks to the band Random Choices, I can check that one off the bucket list.

They are a group of four young musicians from the city of Trenčín in the Slovak Republic. The band came together by chance in 2017, united by a collective passion for music. Since then they have performed all over Central Europe in countries such as Austria and the Czech Republic. The adventurous musicians explore multiple genres such as; Rock, Funk, Blues and even Classical. Each finds a home on Random Choices’ original compositions.  

The group has released a string of singles and EPs in their tenure together. With show no signs of slowing down, earlier this year they completed their first full length album, “Mirror Land.” They write their music in both Slovak and English.

“Searching for Inspiration” is the latest single from Random Choices. The tune rides on a down and dirty bass groove that comes right from the pages of George Clinton’s songbook. The P-Funk flavored jam plays with elements of Rock and Jazz. Psychedelic guitar licks meet Be-bop sax riffs and some really sweet fusion keys. It’s a great tune that reminds me a bit of Prince’s funkier B-sides, complete with some bad-ass, Sheila E-worthy drums.

Check out “Searching for Inspiration” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with this talented and adventurous group of musicians.





Random Choices on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Random Choices