The Buddha Pests Drop a New Mix of “All Alone”

The Buddha Pests are an experimental Alternative Rock band from London, UK. Originally conceived in 2006 by front man, singer and songwriter Peter Derzbach, the group has enjoyed a string of successes in the ensuing years. These include British and European tours along with record releases which count their streaming numbers in the tens of thousands.

The past two years have been a particularly prolific time for the band. In that time they have released two full albums; “Excluded from the Cemetery” (2018) and “Alone Ignored No Trouble” (2019). The single “All Alone” from the latter release has enjoyed significant success on all streaming platforms. Now, The Buddha Pests have dropped a brand new mix of that song.

“All Alone (New Mix)” showcases the group’s varied Rock & Roll influences. Of those, the band lists artists as varied as; Muse, Metallica, David Bowie and Interpol. The driving bass and drum rhythm of the track, combined with emotional lyrics and slightly psychedelic guitar, brings to mind post-punk, 80’s Alt/Goth rockers like The Cure and The Damned. The group peppers this high volume moodiness with elements of Punk and Metal; from dissonant guitar riffs to the song’s double-kick bass drum groove. It is a great sound.

You can hear “All Alone (New Mix) on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Check out the video above, and follow the links below to connect with The Buddha Pests. Stay in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this creative group of musicians.





The Buddha Pests on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

The Buddha Pests