Anthony Presti Fights The Good Fight

Anthony Presti has taken an interesting path through his own Rock & Roll story. The singer, songwriter and guitarist is currently based in San Francisco, California. However, he got there by way of Washington and Arizona. As his geographical position through the Western United States shifted, so did his sound.  

Though born in California, Presti grew up in the birthplace of Grunge. To the rest of the world, the bands in his hometown formed “The Seattle Sound.” To Anthony and his friends, it was simply their local music scene. and that’s where he first learned his chops.

As a young adult he headed south. After a brief stint in the deserts of Arizona, Presti found his way back to Cali. He landed in Sonoma County, which would become his home for the next twenty years. Musically his style evolved over time. After first playing in a hardcore band, eventually his sound mellowed and he transitioned to a mostly acoustic vibe. 

Presti has released three solo albums over the past decade and will soon drop his fourth. “Fight the Good Fight” is his most recent single in advance of that album. The song serves as a bit of bittersweet motivation in trying times. Through much of the song he inventories the challenges that many face in our modern world. However, he and backing vocalist Leah Van Dyke turn it around in the chorus as they advise us to fight the good fight and avoid letting others bring us, “right down that drain.”  

Musically the track matches that positive message with an upbeat Country/Folk shuffle. Anthony’s masterful Bluegrass-fueled guitar licks meet the expert fiddle of Alisa Rose and some tasty electric guitar from Shaun David. The song’s rootsy sound is rounded out by a cool bit of Hammond organ.

Anthony Presti – Fight the Good Fight

“Fight the Good Fight” was recorded at San Francisco’s world famous Hyde Street Studios, previously home to West Coast legends like Green Day and The Grateful Dead. Check the song out on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Anthony Presti. Be the first to hear his brand new album “Different Places,” due on September 22, 2020.





Anthony Presti on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Anthony Presti