Tommy Gibbons Rocks The New Solo Red Flag

Tommy Gibbons is a busy guy. The multifaceted musician is a primary player in two vastly different projects. He works as guitarist and producer for the Phoenix, AZ based Rock/Americana singer/songwriter Wade Cota. And all the way on the other side of the spectrum Tommy performs lead guitar shredding duties in the popular Modern Rock band, “Farewell to Fear.” With that band he has shared the stage with legends like Alice in Chains, Papa Roach and Nonpoint. For much of the last decade they have released albums, toured the world and topped charts on iTunes, Spotify and Billboard.

Not content with two wildly successful projects, Gibbons has now embarked on a solo career. To date the guitarist has released two singles. His latest is the hard-rocking, “Red Flag.” Gibbons combines various styles of Metal and Hard Rock into a powerful and emotional song.

The track opens with the controlled chaos of some massively heavy riff rock. However, he changes the dynamic of the song in the verse. Moody and melodic vocal harmonies rest on a bed of dark, ringing Metal power chords. The track shifts between these two vibes until we reach the bridge. There Tommy steps on the gas pedal. 

A Pantera-worthy rhythmic Metal groove opens the section. Ultimately that rhythm gives way to some masterful guitar wizardry. Gibbons rips a lightning fast solo, peppered with a healthy dose of Randy Rhodes-style wah-wah. The song goes out on a bit of Emo scream core, for good measure.

You can hear “Red Flag” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Tommy Gibbons as he travels down his many paths through Rock & Roll.




Tommy Gibbons on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Farewell to Fear guitarist, Tommy Gibbons releases a brand new single and launches  a solo career.