Chris Beer’s Uplifting Love Song – Make My Day

Chris Beer wants you to be happy. We at The Static Dive first heard from him in July of this year upon the release of his single “Anytime Soon.” That song was a series of melancholy yet ultimately inspiring vignettes. The Austrian songwriter uses his music as a tool to uplift our spirits. He has done it again, this time with an upbeat Pop single that is downright joyful.

“Make My Day” is the product of Chris’ recent collaboration with the renowned producer, Livingstone Brown (Maxi Priest, Bill Withers, Ed Sheeran, Meredith Brooks). The track is an unabashedly happy love song in celebration of the singer’s ‘Darlin.’ Even more than that though the song, and its corresponding video, is about loving life. Over a groove that lands stylistically somewhere between Salsa and Jack Johnson, a soulful and rustic mix of acoustic and electronic instruments play a catchy Caribbean tune. Meanwhile the singer tells a devotional tale to and about the love of his life.

The title of the song doesn’t merely accurately describe the theme of the song, it embodies the story behind it as well. When one works towards a long term goal with an abiding passionate commitment and is willing to make sacrifices on the way, that energy can attract the attention of others, who recognize that fire because they carry it in themselves as well.

Chris Beer

“Make My Day” is perfect for anyone in need of a shot of positivity. And in 2020, isn’t that everyone? Watch the video for right here. Or listen to the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Chris Beer.






Chris Beer on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Chris Beer