Downtown Mystic’s 3-Way Heartbreak is New All Over Again

Downtown Mystic (aka Robert Allen) is no stranger to The Static Dive. We have covered the New Jersey rocker’s work a number of times in recent history. He is a talented and prolific singer, songwriter and guitarist with an accomplished 40 year history in the music business.

Earlier this year Downtown Mystic’s most recent album, “Better Day” was released to great critical and multimedia success. The album yielded 5 singles and found consistent radio airplay on over 300 stations in 27 countries. However, even as he was making new music the past was on his mind.

It all started in 2017 when Robert received a letter from renowned British rock journalist Nik Cohn, who was researching the late 70s-80s music scene of Asbury Park, NJ. Cohn was looking for information on Robert’s old band, The Tupelos. After assisting the writer, Allen was inspired to chronicle his own musical journey.

It wasn’t until this pandemic stopped everything that I had the time to go back to that material and think about releasing it. With the Better Day release winding down it seemed like the right time to tie-in a release of the early material, along with the other projects that I’ve been involved with.

Robert Allen – aka Downtown Mystic

“3-Way Heartbreak” is the previously unreleased first single from the album of newly compiled music from that rich history. “DownTown Mystic: Used Records History 1979-1985” is the collection resulting from Allen’s stroll down his own Rock & Roll memory lane. The record is scheduled for release on November 6, 2020.

The single sounds like the hit it should have been, had it ever been released back in the day. “3-Way Heartbreak” bounces along on a classic 80s groove. Like some of the biggest hits of the time, keys and electronic drums are intertwined with Rock & Roll guitars. 

The early 80s was a time when Classic Rock, Punk, Pop and Disco were all folding together into something called New Wave. “3-Way Heartbreak” is the epitome of a New Wave hit from the Jersey Shore with its fabulously 80s hook, layered harmonies and mesh of guitars and synths. It’s a fun song for any fan of the era, especially old folks like me who spent the 1980’s listening to FM radio on a SONY Walkman.

Watch the video for “3-Way Heartbreak” above. Follow the links below to connect with Downtown Mystic and stay in the loop on all of Robert Allen’s continuing history.

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Listen to the Single and its B-Side “Some Old Lover”

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