Logan Alexandra Passes A Cheat Onto The Next Girl

Logan Alexandra is a multifaceted artist from Scottsdale, Arizona. At just 21-years old she has already made a name for herself in the world of independent music. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist began releasing her soulful Indie-Pop in 2019. Since that time she has tallied some big numbers. On Spotify she counts her listeners in the tens of thousands. Earlier this year she released the single “Realized I Don’t Need You.” To date, that track alone has over 148K spins.

“Next Girl” is the singer’s latest release, and the song has all the earmarks of another success. The track is a breezy and smart bit of Alt-Pop that finds Logan calling out a womanizer for what he is. She warns the cheater that, although she has fallen for them in the past, now she is on to his tricks. She sends him on his way, on to the next girl. There are a lot of clever lyrics. I particularly like the sly threat of exposing him in song when she says, “Go on tell her everything, before I tell the world your name.” 

Musically the track rolls on a smooth reggae groove. A clean mix of simple, tasteful guitar, bass, drums and keys lay down a chill island rhythm. The playing is solid throughout the song. The guitar and bass intro is especially cool. Vocally, Logan has an excellent and effortless Pop delivery, and her tone matches the witty attitude of the lyrics with a classic pop melody. 

Logan Alexandra has already worked with some heavy hitters, like longtime Nashville songwriter and Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley. She is also pretty talented all on her own, creating her own graphics, editing her own videos and writing all of her own music. She plans to release new music every month in 2020. Listen to “Next Girl” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, and follow the links below to stay in the loop on all of Logan’s current and future releases.




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Logan Alexandra
Logan Alexandra