Long White Clouds – Everyone Around Here Looks Angry

Long White Clouds are an Indie Pop and Rock group based in Bergamo, Italy. However, the band’s origins have more international roots. The group came together when New Zealand native, Andy Burch moved to Italy after meeting and falling in love with his future Italian wife in Melbourne, Australia. Once the expat arrived in Europe, he met fellow musicians Matteo Pansa and Nicola Lazzaroni. The three hit it off and soon began writing songs and playing shows. 

That was way back in 2009. The band kept the party going for about five years but had to close up shop in 2014 for personal reasons. They did not stay down long though. Long White Clouds came back together and found new life in 2018. They picked up right where they left off and began writing new material. Last year the band finally hit the studio. Ten years in the making, the group’s debut studio E.P. is finally here. 

“Everyone Around Here Looks Angry,” is a four song collection of the band’s unique, quirky and catchy Alt-Pop. Recorded under the able guidance of Italian Producer Riccardo Zamboni, assisted by Federico Laini, the record mixes a classic Alternative song structure with a modern attitude. The band sets the scene with the opening track, “1+1=1,” an upbeat electro-Pop love song. 80’s synths and electronic drums weave in and out of smart guitars and clever lyrics. The track brings to mind some of David Bowie’s poppier 80s stuff.

That ensemble of retro electronic instruments and tasteful guitar playing is consistent throughout the record. Lyrically the band uses clever visual imagery to tell slightly esoteric tales of love and friendship. “Shane Says” is a memorable uptempo Pop tune with an infectiously catchy chorus. Although the instrumentation is consistent on the record, the band shifts moods and styles to keep things interesting.    

“Dreaming About You” is a Dark Pop song featuring some nice jazzy guitar. A mellow minor key chord progression opens the track. Earnest vocals tell a story of love and longing, with thoughtful poetic lyrics. The song picks up as it progresses, but it maintains a melancholy vibe. The emotion feels one hundred percent authentic.

The record closes with “Shivers,” a beautiful and nuanced Peter Gabriel-esque song that uses crafty metaphors to paint a picture of true love. Burch sings, “Emotion rolling like a river, cuz baby you give me the shivers.”  Great stuff.

“Everyone Around Here Looks Angry” is available on all major streaming services. You can check out “Shivers” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Long White Clouds. Stay in the loop on all of the group’s current and future projects. 





Long White Clouds on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Long White Clouds
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