Seven Crows, Two Swords and The Secrets of Navigation

Seven Crows is the new project from Los Angeles-based violinist and producer Christopher Murphy. Murphy is an accomplished singer, songwriter and record label owner as well. In recent years he has released nearly a dozen albums on his own imprint, Teahouse Records. His music spans numerous genres including; folk, bluegrass and country. On the new Seven Crows project, Chris has created an entirely instrumental experience of experimental string music.

The upcoming Seven Crows album, “Secrets of Navigation” is set for an October 2nd release on Teahouse Records. The record promises to take listeners on both an emotional journey that brings to mind modern day contemporaries such as Silver Mt. Zion, Warren Ellis, and Lisa Molinaro. To date, the label has released two songs in advance of the album.

“Two Swords” is the latest single from “Secrets of Navigation.” It is a starkly beautiful track. The song opens with the plucked strings of Murphy’s violin. He plays a simple descending minor key arpeggio chord progression which forms the foundation of the piece. Meanwhile, layers of hypnotic bowed violin melodies overlap and harmonize to create an expansive and cinematic mood. Chris adds a subtle touch of wah-wah pedal to the lead violin, which creates a cool other-worldly effect. The track includes only minimal accompaniment with just a hint of bass, percussion and piano.


You can listen to “Two Swords” here, or on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Christopher Murphy and Seven Crows. And be ready for the full Seven Crows album, “Secrets of Navigation” on October 2, 2020.





Seven Crows on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

Seven Crows