Michi’s Folk-Pop Fight For For Change

Michi is an artist on a mission, using music as a vehicle for change. The singer/songwriter is also a community outreach and diversity inclusion activist, helping raise money and awareness for LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS service organizations worldwide through speaking engagements and benefit concerts. 

It is a cause that has brought her all over the world, and some big gigs. For nine-consecutive years she’s played the main stage in front of crowds of 250,000 at the U.S. Capital Pride Festival in Washington D.C. She has performed with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Chely Wright & Icona Pop.

As a songwriter she proudly embraces the label of “lesbian folk artist.” Through her own songs she strives to provide visibilty to the lesbian community by proudly and openly singing of her own life and loves.

Visibility is important within the LGBTQ community – especially among lesbians. I remember turning on the radio and hearing female artists crooning love ballads about men and feeling like I couldn’t relate to these songs. But then when Melissa Etheridge came out of the closet, I thought to myself, ‘wow, she’s an incredible artist and is using her music as a platform to discuss her experiences as a lesbian woman.’ In a way, her stories and her songs made me feel visible too.


Michi’s Indie-pop ballad “Roses” has struck a chord with fans around the world. Centered around the singer’s acoustic guitar and soulful vocals, the track is a smart, catchy and heartbreaking tale of unrequited love. An airtight rhythm section backs her up. Subtle, tasteful trumpet riffs occasionally augment the otherwise simple ensemble of guitar, bass and drums. It’s a nice touch that adds a groovy 1970’s Pop flare to the track.

The video for “Roses” adds another dimension to the song, leading it into darker territory. At first it appears to be a sweet and romantic love story between Michi and her partner. However, as the clip progresses it becomes clear that the other woman is becoming physically and emotionally abusive. The short film stars “La Casa de Papel” actress, Florencia Nocetti, and is directed by Paula Amor. The powerful video sheds light on the fact that domestic violence knows no sexual preference or gender exclusivity. 

Watch the video here, and listen to “Roses” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Michi. Stay in the loop on all her projects, musical and otherwise.





Michi on the Deep Indie Dive playlist