Legrand Escape – Movement, Music and the New Quarandreaming

Legrand is a man of mystery. Preferring to maintain his anonymity, the artist publishes no photos of himself and very little back story. What we do know is that he was one of the founding members of the Philadelphia area based underground hip-hop collective G.ifted U.niversal M.usic B.eing O.rganized, (G.U.M.B.O.).

The Philly native eventually made his way South, first to Charlotte, NC. He now lives in Atlanta. Although music is the catalyst, he sees his career as a movement. In addition to his passionate activism in the areas of climate change, financial literacy and anti-racism, he has also built a website (legrandescape.com) intended as a positive space for those who want a temporary escape from negativity. He hopes people will use the site to have constructive conversations about the “Be The Change” movement.

Prior to the pandemic, Legrand visited Costa Rica. The tropical paradise inspired him to write and record the song, “Quarandreaming (aka Isla Fiesta).” The laid back summertime jam matches a smooth Jazzy guitar with the slow roll of a Trap beat. Meanwhile the rapper riffs on the beauty of the Caribbean. It is a nice mellow groove that brings to mind the beach and sunshine. 

The artist is taking a unique approach to the promotion and distribution of the single. It is only available on the Legrand Escape website. Registered users of the site can also vote on two different versions of the song’s video, helping him decide which to release.

Fan-made pre-release video of Quarandreaming

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