Lost Fishes Debut A Classic Alternative Italian Rock Groove

Lost Fishes is an international group of like minded Rock & Roll fans who got together to make some music of their own. At first the two Italians and two Spaniards started jamming on some cover tunes. However, their collective appreciation for Grunge and Alternative Rock soon led them to write their own material. Before long they had enough for a record. “Blowin” is the debut EP from Lost Fishes. The self produced three song collection explores the group’s shared love of raw, guitar driven Rock & Roll. 

The record opens with the classic Alternative Rock, jangly guitar drive of “Blowin in My Head.” Through the verse the band rolls on a grungy open chord groove and floor tom rhythm. For a cool twist, in the bridge the bass player takes the solo. The track brings to mind the early work of 80’s College Rock pioneers, REM. In both style and execution, the song sounds like a long lost outtake from the Athens, GA heroes’ “Life’s Rich Pageant.” If you’re unfamiliar with REM’s records, that’s one of the good ones.

The second song, “Still” opens with a cool reverberated guitar melody that sounds like a cross between 60’s surf music and the theme to a spaghetti western. In the chorus they open up the sound with a catchy, radio-ready chorus. It’s a great vibe. The record closes on the Italian language, “Lungo Citta.” The track combines a Pop melody with the band’s signature Alt-Rock groove.  The addition of harmonica is a nice touch.

You can hear “Still” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Lost Fishes. The band is already at work on their second EP. Stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects.





Lost Fishes on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Lost Fishes