Clara Zimm’s Melancholy Beauty – Down the Drain

Clara Zimm is a singer and songwriter from Norfolk, Virginia. A recent graduate of Montclair State University in New Jersey, the talented young artist attended The Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk prior to her studies in the North. She made her debut as a solo artist recently with the release of two singles, “Second Hand Baby” and “Down the Drain.” Listeners are already starting to take notice. The latter song has over 12K spins so far on Spotify, as of this writing.

On “Down the Drain,” Clara conjures a classic chanteuse vibe. The verse rolls on a slow Trip-hop groove, with a downtempo beat and mellow organ track. Meanwhile Zimm sings in a sultry and mournful tone. The sound is timeless and cinematic. The chorus adds a more modern edge to the track with Trap hi-hats and a soulful R&B lead vocal and backing harmonies. 

Lyrically, “Down the Drain” is a scathing break up song. Clara sings, “Don’t wanna see your face. Don’t wanna remember your name.” The track also suggests some disturbing imagery as she sings of a sentiment familiar to anyone who has experienced a traumatic split, “Wash you down the drain, let me soak you from my veins.” The song ends on a beautiful, melancholy solo piano coda.  

Clara Zimm – Down the Drain

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Clara Zimm on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Clara Zimm