The Real J Israel Drops New Video – No Pressure

The Real J Israel is a man of many passions. Whereas most people search their whole lives to find their calling, Israel is driven by two. At a young age he found himself moved by both religion and music. His adult life has been defined by his search to find a balance between the two. First, he followed his religious aspirations and became a Preacher. However, music was always there tugging at his sleeve. He eventually decided to take the dive and devote his energies to a full time musical career.

Since 2019, Israel has released a steady string of R&B and Soul singles. In that time he has seen each song grow more popular than the last. His tracks on Spotify alone have hundreds of thousands of spins. Listeners worldwide are connecting with his laid back grooves and positive, romantic lyrics.

“No Pressure” is the title track from The Real J Israel’s debut six song EP. The record is a collection of some previously released tracks, and some brand new. The single rolls on a chill, downtempo R&B beat. Over a mellow piano chord progression the singer reassures his lady that their night together will be all about her, and she calls the shots. The track has a classic Slow Jam vibe that begs for some mood lights and a bottle of pinot. J sings in low, soft and soulful tones as he convinces his love interest of his abilities with great lines like, “I can change up your mood ring. I can make up your lucid dream.” 

Check out the video for “No Pressure” (above). You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with The Real J Israel. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future releases.





The Real J Israel on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

The Real J Israel