All Systems Go Rock Some Progressive Punk in The Waiting Room

All Systems Go is a Pop Punk band from Delran, on the Philly side of Jersey. Since forming in 2016 they have released an EP, an album and now a second EP. The band’s roster includes; Matt Pezza (vocals/guitar), Devin Kollmar (vocals/guitar), Dean Mason (bass), and Joe Codispoti (drums). Their sound is heavily, and intentionally influenced by the Pop Punk greats of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. However, these guys bring a little something new to the genre.

“The Waiting Room” is All Systems Go’s brand new six song EP. In both style and substance, the band is reminiscent of Pop Punk and Emo bands from Blink 182 to Fall Out Boy. And they’re really good at it. However, although their sound is familiar, through intricate musical arrangements and virtuosic playing they add a cool and unique technical edge.

The record opens with “The Story so Far.” From the rip, the track sounds like an Alt-Rock radio smash from 1999. But then, as the song progresses the chord changes become more complex, the vocal harmonies more harmonious. There are some really nice, harmonized and melodically intricate guitar riffs and licks. It becomes obvious that All Systems Go is bringing something. The band are far better musicians than any Good Charlotte I remember.

Were that not all yet clear, “Tj Eckleburg Isn’t Even a Doctor” removes any shadow of doubt. The song is 3:52 of guitar and drum nerd heaven. The four players are lock-step in an airtight and ever-changing groove. Imagine that Blink 182 and Rush had a baby. It’s pretty Epic.

The next three songs mellow things out a bit but they maintain the record’s expert level musicianship. “Real” is a big, emotional Punk power ballad with atmospheric guitars. “Rom Com” continues the theme of Punk Rock love with Green Day-esque layers of acoustic guitars and harmonized vocals. It’s a lovely song that slowly dissolves into the title track, a beautiful solo piano interlude.

The record ends on “I’m Trying.” Over the course of its first two and a half minutes, the track builds slowly from a low simmer to a full boil. From there the band manages to fit every aspect of their unique sound into two minutes of “smart guys with guitars” fun. It’s a good time and a perfect ending to a really good record.

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