Lil Nath Gets Old-School on New Disc

Lil Nath is a UK born and Ireland raised aspiring Hip-hop artist, now based in East Sussex, England. Since releasing his debut album “Respect, Loyalty & Trust” in 2018, the prolific rapper has dropped a steady string of singles and EPs. Nath finds inspiration in old school Hip-hop, Soul and Reggae music. Lyrically he approaches his rhymes with a positivie vibe, accentuating racial equality, social justice and the importance of family. All the while, he makes sure to keep it funky.

“New Disc” is the latest single from Lil Nath, released September 19, 2020. The record was produced by Nath’s frequent collaborator, Hastings-based beatmaker Ashley Kafifar. The track rolls on an old-school 1990’s boom bap Hip-hop groove. A 1970’s P-Funk style bass line and synths give the song a California g-thang vibe. I particularly like the way the riff transposes up a key during the chorus. It differentiates the section from the verse, without sacrificing that unique hypnotic sound.

Kafifar’s Dr. Dre inspired production is an excellent match to Lil Nath’s laid back weed-fueled Snoop Doggish flow. Lyrically the rapper keeps things true to the song’s old school vibe, with mostly lighthearted Hip-hop bragging and fun lines like, “I got big lips, I smoke fat spliffs.”

“New Disc” is a great track from a talented duo who know how to drop an old-school Hip-hop jam. Check the song out on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Lil Nath. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.







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Lil Nath on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Lil Nath and Ashley Kafifar
Lil Nath and Ashley Kafifar