Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt Hope For A Brighter Day

Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt return on October 1st with their third album, “Shadow of the Cyclone.” The record promises to be an examination of our troubled times with songs lamenting the horrific loss of life, health and security in 2020. However, on the lead-off single the duo offer an ounce of hope. “Come On Sun” beckons a brighter day.

Philadelphia based guitarist and songwriter Aaron Nathans and Cincinnati cellist and songwriter Michael G. Ronstadt form a unique Alt-Folk duo. From Michael’s primary instrument of choice to the thirty-three others the two multi-instrumentalists play, they introduce lush and intricate arrangements to their thought provoking and emotional compositions. 

Each is an accomplished artist in his own right. Ronstadt, nephew of singing legend Linda Ronstadt, holds a master’s degree in cello performance from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Nathans is an award-winning songwriter and a leader in Philadelphia’s community of songwriters.

“Come On Sun” is a richly nuanced acoustic lament. Simultaneously melancholy and hopeful, the track coaxes the sun as a metaphor for some relief from the troubles of our modern world. The musicians weave together their acoustic strings through a lush organic soundscape. As the song progresses their vocal harmonies create intricate melodies and syncopated rhythms. Musically and lyrically the song finds a balance between realism and a pensive optimism.

Watch the video for “Come On Sun” here. Follow the links below to connect with Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt, and be sure to stream their new album “Shadow of the Cyclone” on October 1, 2020.

Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt – “Come on Sun”





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Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt
Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt