Mai Hypnotizes With Her Sexy New Single Dream Garret

Mai is a new dynamic artist from Los Angeles, California. On August 14, 2020 the talented young actress, singer and rapper dropped her latest single “Dream Garrett” on all major streaming services. The track mixes multiple popular genres into a hypnotic and sexy groove.

“Dream Garrett” rides on a slow and low Trap beat. A subterranean and melodic bass line carries the song forward. Psychedelic synths and trippy guitar riffs float in the periphery to create an atmospheric mood. The effects weave in and out of vocal and didgeridoo samples for a wild and exotic vibe.

Meanwhile, Mai alternates between melodic rapping and seductive R&B singing. The track is decidedly NSFW. The singer graphically describes all of the moves she wants to perform on her man, and all of those she wants in return. In the chorus she sings, “You got me hypnotized, you got me mesmerized,” while her beat has exactly the same effect on the listener.

Check out “Dream Garrett” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Mai. Stay in the loop on all of her current and future releases.





Mai on the Deep Indie Dive playlist