DANDY DEEJAY Drops a Deep House Groove on The Real World

DANDY DEEJAY is the professional name of Daniel Ruggero. He is a DJ, songwriter and producer from Croatia. Over the past two years he’s been making waves online and in the clubs with his own music as well as remixes of songs from a number of other artists. In that time he has racked up some impressive streaming numbers. 

He has remixed songs for a long list of artists. They include; ERA “Ameno,” Javi Mula “Come on,” Technotronic “Pump up the Jam,” Tungevaag “Knockout,” ICE MC “Think about the way,” Breathe Carolina “Too good,” Onerepublic “Rescue me,” Tones and i “Dance Monkey,” Alan Walker “Play,” Lewis Capaldi “Someone you loved” and Gala “Faraway.” His Gala remix recently reached 120,000 spins on YouTube.

Since 2019 DANDY DEEJAY has released over a dozen singles of his own. His top songs count their audience numbers in the tens of thousands on Spotify alone. “The Real World” is his latest single and it has already connected with listeners worldwide.

“The Real World” opens with atmospheric keys and guitar chords to create a chill mood. Soulful vocals introduce the love theme of the song. At the 1:00 mark the ambient track picks up with an EDM snare drum roll build and a catchy synth-horn melody. From there the song evolves into a cool, club-ready Deep House groove.

You can hear “The Real World” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with DANDY DEEJAY and his hot Croatian jams.







DANDY DEEJAY on the Deep Indie Beat playlist