Shena! Inspires With The Uplifting “Better Together”

Chicago native, Shena! has been making her own original music since she first learned to play the piano in her teens. She studied under Elsa Harris, a leading instructor and performer who toured with legendary gospel artist Jessy Dixon. Since that time, Shena’s music has received praise at home in the Windy City and on the radio worldwide.

With soulful singing and musicianship the artist delivers a powerful message of hope and inspiration. She has a timeless sound that is equal parts R&B, Jazz and Gospel. The emotion and virtuosity of her music lend it a universal appeal. Hers are deeply human songs which defy standard genre classification.

“Better Together” is the lead-off single from the forthcoming new Shena! album. Inspired by the battles her own close friends have fought against COVID-19, the song is an uplifting and motivational bit of encouragement to a world grappling with the crippling effects of a pandemic. The message is simple, and beautiful. With love, family and friends we can survive and thrive. We are, “Better Together.”

Musically, the track brings to mind R&B and Gospel greats of the past. The production smoothly marries elements of Jazz and Pop, hinting at the 70’s and 80’s work of legendary producer Quincy Jones. The funky interplay of the rhythm section is a real highlight. But the star of the show is the singer herself, whose vocal prowess is matched only by the sincerity of her delivery. Shena! delivers soulful leads and expertly executed multipart harmonies.

You can hear “Better Together” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. The song was also selected to be a part of the Women of Substance Music Podcast, available everywhere on 9/28/20. Check it out, and follow the links below to connect with Shena!




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