The Pierce Project’s Quirky New Gem – Vanilla Parfait

The Pierce Project is a family affair. I don’t mean that figuratively. These guys are an actual family. It all started in the summer of 2018. A majority share of the Pierce family got together to make a record. Some families exercise together, some go into business while others do anything they can to avoid one another. The Pierce family writes songs. At least, that is true of four members of the clan; eldest brother Jimmy, middle sibling Luke, youngest brother Nick and their father Joe Pierce.

Their first album “The Last Days of Summer” was a double album of 24 tracks, written and recorded before the foursome went back to school, work, etc. That was back when we lived in a normal world, one in which people went to places like “school” and “work.” The age of quarantine has led many independent musicians to record new material and The Pierce Project is no exception. The musical family is back with a new collection for 2020. “Songs for Emi”  

“Vanilla Parfait” is the record’s first single and it is an excellent example of the group’s fun and irreverent approach to songwriting. The song is one part Alt-Pop and one part 1920’s era novelty song, bouncing along on an acoustic guitar and Ragtime piano shuffle. It is a lighthearted and upbeat groove, complete with an old-timey New Orleans street Jazz break in the bridge. 

Lyrically the protagonist joyfully proclaims that he is a winner because he’s, “got a vanilla parfait.” During the song’s second verse the singer expresses the same joy and appreciation for the brilliantly rhymed Marisa Tomei. It is fun, and very silly. The overall vibe of the sound brings to mind The Flaming Lips (sans hallucinogens).

You can hear “Vanilla Parfait” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with The Pierce Project.






The Pierce Project on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

The Pierce Project