Beatsmiths Music Group’s New Jam From Apex Dominion

The Beatsmiths Music Group (BMG) is growing. They are a Hip-hop music collective, pulling rappers and beatmakers together from around the world. BMG is the brainchild of Sacramento, California emcee, producer and businessman Monotone. 

Regular readers of The Static Dive will recognize his name, and the BMG. They’ve kept us in the loop as the collective has progressed. We’ve featured Montone‘s solo work, his MLS collaboration with Lou Slug and the first Beatsmiths release.

“How Dare They Do That” is the latest BMG creation, featuring the cross-continental Hip-hop stylings of Apex Dominion. The group is a collaboration of four artists from across the country.  Hello Rello (Pittsburgh, PA), Jade Lotus (Raleigh NC) and Lou Slug and Monotone (Sacramento, CA). The Apex Dominion came together when Jade Lotus’ work in Dominion Cyphers caught the attention of Monotone, and the call was made.

Like a house party rap battle, the four emcees each take a turn dropping rhymes over a slow funky beat. The backing track combines an old-school groove with a cool chill-hop style music. Some sick, skillful real-deal DJ record scratching introduces each rapper. Each brings to the mic his own style and attitude, uniquely informed by his hometown. Pittsburgh hood meets Southern chill and the MLS crew’s penchant for crafty pop-culture rhymes. It’s a great mix from four emcees who know their way around a breakbeat.

Check out “How Dare They Do That” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with the Beatsmiths Music Group. They’re got a lot going on, with plenty more music on the way from Apex Dominion, MLS, Monotone and many more artists from across the country.

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