Como Asesinar a Felipes – Hemos Vuelto del Abismo

Como Asesinar a Felipes (aka CAF) is an Alternative Rock and Hip-Hop group who have spent the last thirteen years making a name for themselves in their home country of Chile.  The band has a reputation at home as an uncompromising and maverick group with a sound that incorporates a broad and eclectic range of styles, including; Hip-hop, Rock, Classical and Jazz. These elements are all filtered through their signature vibe of saturated psychedelic sounds. It is music created in the unique historical socio-political environment of post-Pinochet Chile.

“Hemos Vuelto del Abismo” (We have returned from the abyss) is the lead-off single from Como Asesinar a Felipes’ upcoming new album MMXX, scheduled to be released this October 16, 2020. The song rolls on a cool, lo-fi Hip-Hop groove. A grungy analog synth bass line rides on a beat that brings to mind 90’s-era Beck and old-school underground West Coast Hip-hop. 

The release of the track is accompanied by two remixes “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo” (Mixhell Remix -featuring Laima Leyton and Sepultura’s founding member Iggor Cavalera) and; the second remix “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo Dub” is a dub mix by iconic Jamaican dub producer, Scientist. 

The band’s previous album “Naturaleza Muerta” (2019), was a powerful success in Chile and established them as an inspirational and ground-breaking act. The record dominated Chile’s prestigious Pulsar Awards of 2020 by winning both “Album of the Year” and “Best Urban Act”. Their wins were widely viewed as significant upsets against the established mainstream music industry. The album notably featured the track “Disparan (Fill the Skies)”, a collaboration with Deftones’ Chino Moreno.

Check out “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Como Asesinar a Felipes. Get ready for their album release on 10/16/20.





Como Asesinar a Felipes on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Como Asesinar a Felipes