Studio 32 OKE Drop The Hypnotic And Funky “The Light (I Shine)”

STUDIO 32 OKE is a UK band making some unique and funky waves. The eclectic Alternative Hip-hop and Rock group from the London suburb of Sevenoaks, Kent combines an esoteric, freeform creative style with a deep and philosophical dedication to their art. The group fuses genres and styles and molds them into a sound that is all their own.

Since 2017 the band has been releasing adventurous Hip-hop grooves driven by live instrumentation.  Their mission to “Spread Love. Accumulate wealth” it the motivating force behind their music and the art they create through the associated art and design company Unaji & Co.

“The Light (I Shine)” is the band’s latest single. The track rolls on an old-school Hip-hop beat, a funky bass line and a cool analog synth riff. Chill electric piano chords and wah-wah guitar add a trippy mood. Interspersed guitar and keyboard leads add a Jazzy feel to the tune. It’s a hypnotic and soulful vibe.  

Meanwhile, the vocalist raps and sings stream of consciousness lyrics that mix positivity and social commentary. For example, hinting at the Black Lives Matter movement he says, “they need the light I shine, they’re hunting my kind.” It is a smart and complex bit of duality that effectively summarizes an ugly and senseless reality. 

Check out the video for “The Light (I Shine)” (above). And listen to the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with STUDIO 32 OKE.




Band Website

STUDIO 32 OKE on the Deep Indie Beat playlist