Lenka Procházková Delivers A Lovely New Smile

Lenka Procházková is a musician and artist from the Czech Republic, where she currently lives. However, in the past her music brought her far from home. She started studying Indian classical vocal music in 2003 at an academy in Mumbai and continued her studies for many years with award winning  Indian classical musician Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan.

Eventually Lenka moved back home to Czechoslovakia. She took a break from music for a time to focus on her family, but now she is back. With a new focus on Western musical styles, the singer/songwriter is creating Rock, Folk and Pop music with a hint of an Indian influence here and there. The new songs are autobiographical stories from the artist’s own life. All of her new material is available via her YouTube channel.

“Smile” is the latest single from Lenka Procházková. The song has a classic and timeless Folk-Pop sound with a narrative songwriting style that brings to mind the literary vibe of artists like Lou Reed and John Prine. However, Lenka’s tone is much softer and more melodic than Lou’s monotone or Prine’s twang. The song is a sweet and touching dedication to a friend.

I was inspired by a very beautiful smile of someone that stayed with me for a long time, but it is not a love song. 🙂 

Lenka Procházková

The track features a simple arrangement of guitars, bass and drums. Lenka is joined by her frequent collaborator, Tom Brzobohatý on the drums. He previously worked in Hardcore, Grunge and Punk bands. On electric guitar is Rickard Persson who, despite some physical disability and blindness, is an award winning Swedish musician and producer who now lives in the Czech Republic.

Check out the video for “Smile,” above. And follow the links below to connect with Lenka Procházková and follow her as she continues on her creative journey.    

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Lenka Procházková