Low Horizon’s Massive Nu-Metalcore Parasite

Low Horizon is a brand new Nu-Metalcore band. The Truckee, California group made their debut earlier this year with the single “King of Nothing.” That track introduced a massive metal sound. With a wall of overdriven guitars the song pounded the senses with an onslaught of double kick drums, guttural howls and subterranean bass and power chord crunch.  

The band is back and they’ve done it again. The group’s latest single “Parasite” is an insanely heavy metal attack. Once again they crank their guitars to eleven and pound the drums with the hammer of the gods. However, it’s not all volume for volume’s sake. These guys can play. Amidst the double-humbucker cacophony they create an intricate arrangement of complex riffs and unexpected breaks.  

Throughout the song they mix in elements of multiple genres. Industrial noise and psychedelic mixing techniques give the track a trippy vibe. They get really cool and experimental at around the 2:00 mark, with crazy guitar theatrics and some drum fills that are downright Jazzy. It is a wild sound. And just when we think there couldn’t be any more surprises, the track breaks down into a mellow minor-key melodic guitar coda.

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