Dan Wande Drops 2 Epic Hard Rock Records

Dan Wande is a singer, songwriter and producer from Pite√•, Sweden where he currently lives with his wife and their Rottweiler. He has spent the better part of the last two years in his home studio, writing and recording some badass Prog Rock. Wande is a singer by trade and a guitar player by necessity, using the instrument to compose his brand of heavy melodic Rock. Inspired by everyone from Black Sabbath to Stephen King, Dan’s music has a timeless sound that brings to mind Metal, Modern and Classic Rock from the last four decades.

As an artist, Dan has contributed to those years of Rock & Roll history that now influence his work. The 57 year-old musician has been singing and producing music his entire life. He sang lead vocals in a slew of Metal and Hard Rock bands in Sweden like; Myopic Void, Grave, Vandee, Unit-X, Stella and SMILE and more. He intends to hit the stage anew after the pandemic, showcasing his latest project. 

In the interim, he has used the lockdown downtime to record a string of new EP’s, utilizing talent from around the world. Musicians from Italy, USA, Greece and Poland have contributed to his music. Each records their part remotely and Dan puts it all together in his studio. Of the process Wande says, “It has been a hard road to compose and arrange, preproduce, produce and record my vocals in a global production, but I am finally there.”

The results of all this hard work and creative production are the two sister EP’s; “Way Back” and “Dragon Force.” Each record delves deeply into different avenues of the melodic Progressive Rock Wande has been both admiring and nurturing throughout his career. Both records were released during the latter part of this year and are available across multiple online streaming platforms.

Way back

“Angel’s Crying” opens the record and introduces the theme with the power chord crunch and lead guitar shredding of classic 1980’s Metal. Wande’s lead vocal enters the mix and solidifies the vibe with soaring leads and dramatic gothic lyrics about, “angels in the night.” There is a very cool and complex arrangement in the bridge featuring rocking drum fills and a ripping guitar solo.¬†

“Lady Steelheart” continues the guitar and vocal driven groove, this time with a bit more of a radio-ready sound. The song sports a catchy lead vocal melody as Wande sings about a woman causing him trouble by, “drinking my wine and stealing my dreams.”

The record closes with the title track. The song opens with a Boston inspired organ intro before the sound blows up into an epic, heavy downtempo melodic Hard Rocker.  Wande’s vocals really shine here with powerful and operatic sustain. In the solo section, syncopated speed metal leads share time with a classic analog synth. All of the song’s elements come together for a cinematic outro.

Dragon Force

Stylistically,  Dan Wande’s second EP “Dragon Force” continues the classic hard rock theme established by the first. However, he kicks the sound up a notch on this one. The amps are a little louder, the tempos a little faster and the vocals reach a little further into the stratosphere. Lyrically too, Wande ups the ante. 

The record deals in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy imagery of Middle Earth, as the lead characters battle dragons, demons and search for answers from angels. The title track opens the record with amped-up guitar shredding and mystical imagery. Dan’s vocal is in top form and reaches new highs. “Searching” follows with a slightly darker and more personal vibe. The arrangements here are complex and intricate, with Prog-Rock chord changes and some really nice vocal harmonies and a melodic down-tempo shift in the bridge.

The record closes with the creepy imagery of “Tommyknockers.” The track is inspired by a Stephen King horror novel of the same name. Over a melodic 80’s metal groove, the singer tells a tale of creeping boogey men tormenting us in the night. The song takes a cool turn during the solo section, doubling the guitar with a soulful harmonica lead. It’s a great sound, accented by a subsequent organ solo. The song ends the record on a powerful and dramatic note.

With a full album planned for 2021, Dan Wande continues to write and record new music in his studio. He will be releasing the record on all streaming platforms and also plans a limited run vinyl release. Follow the links below to connect with the artist and stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects. And check out “Dragon Force” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.






Dan Wande on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Dan Wande