All My Monsters Return With a Beautiful Alt-Country Waltz Lament

All My Monsters is an Indie Folk/Rock band from Munich, Germany. The group is fronted by the mononymous singer, songwriter and guitarist, Yeti. Since the group’s debut in 2005, along with his constant companion Seppo Schöne on bass guitar, Yeti has worked with an ever changing roster of musicians to produce his unique style of 60’s influenced Rock and Americana.

In 2020 All My Monsters returns for their first official release since the 2011 full-length record, “The Yeti Songbook.” Their latest release is the single, “I Always Knew.” The song is one half of the band’s new two song EP “Ghost in My Hometown,” and it is an excellent example of Yeti’s thoughtful, poetic lyricism and soulful musicianship.

“I Always Knew” is a melancholy love lament over a slow, classic Country waltz. Layers of vocal harmonies and song’s guitar/bass/drums arrangement also lend it an oldies doo-wop Rock feel. Lyrically, the protagonist mourns the loss of love as well as the inevitability of that loss. Yeti sings, “I always knew when the leaves fall, you’re gone.” 

There is wisdom and sadness in the song’s lyrics. That, combined with the mellow twang in Yeti’s voice and Sylvia Kugler’s Linda Ronstadt-esque backing vocals, bring to mind Neil Young’s classic album “Harvest.” That’s good company, and it is a beautiful sound.

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