Blowing My Own Trumpet Sings Love Songs For Africa on “Umsindo”

Blowing My Own Trumpet is a family affair. The group is led by South African trumpeter, singer and songwriter Claude Lamon along with his daughter, singer and keyboardist Josephine Lamon. The Lamon’s are joined by Neal Jolly (bass, whistle, vocals) and Mattie James (guitar, vocals). The band made its debut in 2018 with the five song EP “Dreams.” On October 2, 2020 they released their follow-up, the full length LP “Umsindo.”

The ‘Blowing My Own Trumpet’ sound mixes genres from across the globe. The combine traditional folk music from Southwest Africa with elements of Pop, Jazz and Latin grooves. Their unique ensemble of piano, trumpet, guitar, bass and minimalist percussion takes us on a melodic journey. The sound is an intimate and personal trek through Africa and to points beyond.

On “Umsindo” that journey comes in the form of ten songs that both celebrate and lament the state of the African continent. In many ways, the record is a love song to Africa herself. The Lamon’s, who are currently based in the UK, sing of their wish to see their home again on songs like “Calling me Home” and “I left My Heart.” 

In many cases that longing is paired with despair. From the title track video’s graphic images of animals suffering, to stories of the same on songs like “Stolen the Light,” the group bravely lifts the curtain on horrific crimes against nature which are perpetuated daily on the continent by greed-driven humans. The tales are disturbing and heartbreaking, but they need to be told. 

The band is as adventurous and courageous in their stylistic choices as they are with the subject matter of their songs. In addition to the aforementioned Pop and Jazz influences, throughout the record the band mixes traditional African music with folk traditions from other parts of the world as well. “Strange Winds by Seaside Shores” sounds like an old Irish sailing shanty, while “In Those African Skies” has the feel of an English minstrel song. The players are excellent, each rising to the challenges of the diverse repertoire.

Watch the video for the song “Umsindo,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Blowing My Own Trumpet. Stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects.





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