Gipsy Groove – Balkan Mania And Happy Vibes

Gipsy Groove is an ethnically and culturally diverse collective of musicians from Kosovo. Their sound is rooted in the traditions of authentic Balkan Roma music. Launching from that shared tradition, the members infuse the band’s groove with an international mix of modern musical styles and genres.

The band refer to themselves as, “A conglomerate of music, activism and joy.” Joy is the operative word here. Gipsy Groove is all about positivity. Their upbeat vibe mixes traditional Balkan melodies and instrumentation with feel good rhythms from across the globe. Caribbean beats meet Jazz chord voicings and Pop song structures. It is the sound of unity, and connection.

“Balkan Mania” is the band’s current single and it epitomizes the group’s adventurous and joyful sound. Like a Kosovan Sublime, Gipsy Groove combines Jamaican rhythms with a modern Rock song structure. A quiet guitar and vocal intro quickly shifts to an upbeat Ska groove. 

During the verse the feel of the song mellows to a Police-like Reggae/Pop. In the chorus the band flexes its Balkan muscles with a cool percussive beat and a classic Roma clarinet melody. There is some really nice Jazz improv in the bridge. Throughout the track the band (Sezgin Curi, Mirsad Dalipi, Faruk Banjska Ivan & Igor Ivanov, and Bajram Kinolli) are excellent and in top form.

Lyrically the song tells the story of a Roma girl who dreams of leaving the traditional life in her village and exploring the world. The intent is to shine a light on the struggle for Women’s Rights in the Balkan Peninsula. “Balkan Mania ” is getting some international attention lately, thanks in part to the legendary Iggy Pop who recognized the track on his popular BBC6 radio show.

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