Kill Dafne Rocks Their New EP – “Unnecessary”

Kill Dafne is a four-piece Alternative Rock band from the province of Brescia, Italy. Since forming in 2015 the group has released two EPs. The first, “Erase it!” came out in 2018. Now the band is back with a brand new record for 2020. 

The six songs on “Unnecessary” cover the broad range of the band’s influences. From Rock to retro-Pop and even Hip-hop, Kill Dafne incorporates elements of multiple modern musical forms into their sound.

The band originally came together as a duo consisting of founding memebrs Fabiana Parzanini (vocals and guitar) and Elisa Vincenzi (bass). Within their first year they added Francesco Raucci on drums and Michele Fregoni on electric guitar. They started with cover songs but soon began creating music of their own. The band’s four members brought each of their unique tastes to the mix to create a distinctive modern Rock, Kill Dafne sound.

“Unnecessary” definitely lands in the Alt-Rock column, as a whole. However, throughout the course of the record the group introduces a nuanced and varied style. For example, the opening track “Breathing Song” moves from a New Wave influenced verse into a powerful modern rock chorus. Other songs create similar stylistic hybridizations. “Lovetrap” opens with a Cure-like Lo-Fi drum and bass groove that eventually builds into a Bush-style 90’s Rock guitar anthem. Other tracks get even more experimental. “Waking March” morphs from a sort of Folk/Rap song to a mellow Ska beat, and eventually to blows up into a big Rock crescendo.

Fabiana Parzanini’s vocals are soulful and powerful as she explores themes of love, creativity (“Like a Waterfall”) and even Shakespeare (“Macbeth”). She is a skilled singer who takes full advantage of her broad melodic range. The entire band shines on “Unnecessary,” from the rhythm section’s rock solid and versatile groove to Michele Fregoni impressive chops on the guitar. It is a great sound that would find itself right at home on Alternative and Modern Rock radio.

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